How to use the index efficiently?

I have done my best to remove duplicates and organize the talks in to pages. If you find any duplicates, incorrectly linked talks or have any suggestions to better organize the talks, do let me know. (path.nirvana at

After listening to a talk, if you like to suggest a better name for it, do let me know. It will make easier for others to discover the talks using the search facility. You can use the ID field uniquely identify a talk. Duration is rounded to the nearest 10 minute. දේශනා බාගත කර ගැනීමට “Listen” මත click කර අලුත් පිටුවේ “Download” මත click කරන්න.

You can sort the list of talks by any column in the table by clicking on the column header (both ascending and descending orders supported). You can filter the list of talks by typing a search term(s) in the “Search” box in Singlish. They are not case sensitive. දේශනා සොයා ගැනීම සඳහා “Search” කොටුව තුල type කරන්න. පහත දැක්වෙන උදාහරණ දෙස බලන්න.

Some useful search terms

  • 2012 – talks conducted in 2012 – 2012 වර්ෂයේ පැවැත්වූ දේශනා
  • 2013-05 – talks conducted on May 2013 – 2013 මැයි මස පැවැත්වූ දේශනා
  • bhikku – talks given to training bhikkus (advanced content suitable for the seeker)
  • sathi, rupa, skandha, bhavana, poya, vedana, majji, arya – self explanatory terms
  • 2: Melbourne – talks conducted in Melbourne which are longer than 2 hours